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Not Racism™, the Voice Referendum and white progressive anxiety

The lead-up to the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to parliament is replete with text-book case after text-book case of what I have called ‘Not Racism™’. Not Racism is something anyone who has faced racism knows about. In an article I published in 2017 on the subject, the title the editors…

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Abolition Revolution: Radical Antiracism Today

We were delighted host Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean in conversation with Maria Giannacopoulos for the fourth in our seminar series, Radical Antiracism Today: New books in abolitionist, anticolonial, internationalist antiracism. Under discussion was Aviah and Shanice’s brilliant and thought-provoking, but also highly practical, book Abolition Revolution. Please…

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Race critical understandings of methodology

This blogpost complements two I have already published in the Understanding Race series on questions of methodology in doing research that works critically with and against race as an analytical tool. In The place of race in developing epistemologies and methodologies I work through the issues raised in the slides…

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Newsletter No. 2

I have decided to move to SubStack to host my occasional newsletter. Please subscribe if you like! You can read it here

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Radical Antiracism Today Seminar 4: Abolition Revolution

Join us on Wednesday September 13 (7PM AEST / 10AM GMT) to discuss Abolition Revolution with authors Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean. They will be in conversation with Maria Giannacoupoulos. Register here. About the book: George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis triggered abolitionist shockwaves. Calls to defund the police…

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Towards a Grammar of Race: Radical Antiracism Today Seminar 3

I am delighted to share the recording of the 3rd ‘Radical Antiracism Today: New books in abolitionist, anticolonial, international antiracism‘ series with you. This event saw Quah Ee Ling in conversation with Mahdis Azarmandi and Garrick Cooper, two of the contributors to a volume published in Aotearoa New Zealand on…

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Australian Complicity in Israeli Apartheid – A Webinar

I’ll be chairing this webinar organised by Jews Against he Occupation and Tzedek Collective, Sydney with leading Palestinian activist and writer Omar Barghouti and best-selling Australian journalist, writer and film-maker Antony Loewenstein on Australian Complicity with Israeli Apartheid on Thursday September 28 7pm-8.30pm AEST. Please register here to join us.

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Understanding changing conceptions of race with Du Bois’ ‘The Concept of Race’

“Perhaps it is wrong to speak of it as ‘a concept’ rather than as a group of contradictory forces, facts and tendencies.’ W.E.B. Du Bois, The Concept of Race, 1940: 67 I think this year has got off to a good start on Understanding Race, the Masters course I have…

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Why aren’t we all crying from the rooftops about Blockade Australia?

Forgive me if I haven’t noticed because, you see, I have had to remove myself from Twitter, but I am informed on good authority that there hasn’t been much tweeting about Blockade Australia.  Returning almost a year after the Colo raids, when the environmentalist direct action group were arrested en…

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