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Understanding changing conceptions of race with Du Bois’ ‘The Concept of Race’

“Perhaps it is wrong to speak of it as ‘a concept’ rather than as a group of contradictory forces, facts and tendencies.’ W.E.B. Du Bois, The Concept of Race, 1940: 67 I think this year has got off to a good start on Understanding Race, the Masters course I have…

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Why aren’t we all crying from the rooftops about Blockade Australia?

Forgive me if I haven’t noticed because, you see, I have had to remove myself from Twitter, but I am informed on good authority that there hasn’t been much tweeting about Blockade Australia.  Returning almost a year after the Colo raids, when the environmentalist direct action group were arrested en…

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My new mailing list

As many people are experiencing, Twitter is becoming an unsafe and unproductive space especially since the take over by Elon Musk. As someone whose work has taken her far from her original networks, it has been an important space of education and solidarity building for me. However, it has become…

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Radical Antiracism Today: Towards a Grammar of Race in Aotearoa New Zealand

The third seminar in the Radical Antiracism Today: New Books in Abolitionist, Anticolonial, Internationalist Antiracism will take place on June 14 at 7PM Australian EST. Quah Ee Ling will be in conversation with Mahdis Azarmandi and Garrick Cooper, two of the contributors to Towards a Grammar of Race in Aotearoa…

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For solidarity / against definitions

Since its adoption in 2016, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) ‘working definition of antisemitism’, has been primarily used to censor pro-Palestinian activism and scholarship. The definition has been amply critiqued for its vague formulation of antisemitism: “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews.” More…

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The Campaign to Free The Pendleton 2 with Too Black

Podcaster, poet, author and organiser, Too Black, from one of my favourite podcasts, The Black Myths Podcast, joined me to talk about the documentary, ‘The Pendleton 2: They Stood Up’ and the Defence Committee to Free the Pendleton 2. The Pendleton 2 are John “Balagoon” Cole & Christopher “Naeem” Trotter.…

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Radical Antiracism Today: Organize, Fight, Win

For the second in our series we were joined by Charisse Burden-Stelly and Jodi Dean to discuss their collection, Organize, Fight, Win: Black Communist Women’s Writing, with Andrew Brooks. A wide ranging discussion that tethered these 20th century writings and the activism and theorisation of their authors to movement building…

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Breaking the racial silence: putting racial literacy to work in Australia

A new article by Debbie Bargallie, Nilmini Fernando and me has been published in Ethnic and Racial Studies based in research conducted with educators trying to work amid the silencing o trace in the Australian racial-colony and to enhance racial literacy. Abstract: Race structures the lives of Indigenous peoples and…

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Inside the Black Box of White Backlash: Letters of Support to Enoch Powell

Olivier Esteves, the author of the recently published Inside the Black Box of White Backlash: Letters of Support to Enoch Powell asked me to contribute a preface to the book. Looking at letters written to Enoch Powell, the grand majority of which supported his opposition to immigrants is instructive from…

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