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Category: The Racial State

The Campaign to Free The Pendleton 2 with Too Black

Podcaster, poet, author and organiser, Too Black, from one of my favourite podcasts, The Black Myths Podcast, joined me to talk about the documentary, ‘The Pendleton 2: They Stood Up’ and the Defence Committee to Free the Pendleton 2. The Pendleton 2 are John “Balagoon” Cole & Christopher “Naeem” Trotter.…

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Guest lecture: Black Peoples Union President Keiran Stewart-Assheton

I invited Black Peoples Union National President, Yuin man, Keiran Stewart-Assheton to present to The Racial State in Week 6 when we discuss the colonisation of the continent of Australia. In a short but encompassing talk, he addresses the history of Indigenous peoples, the impact of colonisation, Australia’s position as…

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The Limitations of ‘White Privilege’ with Khadijah Diskin

I was delighted that PhD researcher, Black Studies scholar and all round legend, Khadijah Diskin agreed to do a short interview with me about the The Limitations of ‘White Privilege’ Khadijah has previously written about this topic and so I was eager to ask her to share her critique with…

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Week 1: Race & Power

Interactive presentation Tutorial activity: Conversations about race bingo I updated my introductory lecture to The Racial State. I welcome you to share the slides and notes below and to watch the recording where, as you can see, I grossly underestimated the time I had (when will I ever learn!) I…

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The Racial State 2023

Another year, another litany of racisms, so time to update my course, The Racial State. I’ll be posting some new content for this course, including some new introductory lectures and some interviews over the next months, so please feel free to follow along and download any resources you find handy.

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Is White Privilege a Useful Term?

In class I’ve been asked why people say white people have privilege. So, let’s talk about it. Here’s my TikTok video and the script below: @racialliteracysolidarity ♬ original sound – RacialLiteracySolidarity The concept seems to have come from Peggy McIntosh’s 1989 essay, ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack’. Peggy McIntosh’s list…

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Coded Bias

For the final week of The Racial State, we are going to engage in the relationship between race, digital technology and social media. We shall focus our classroom activity around Joy Buolamwini’s research project Coded Bias which has also been made into a Netflix documentary. We will also be talking…

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Imagining Abolition

Week 11 of The Racial State all involve a discussion of police, prison and detention abolition. I have adapted some tests produced by abolitionist activists and intellectuals Mariame Kaba, Debbie Kilroy (from Sisters Inside) and Tabitha Lean. In preparation for this week’s theme, we will be watching the following films:

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