Austerity and war against multiculturalism

StandUpToRacsimDemo22-3-14mI wrote about sexualised race, austerity, the ‘left’ and Brexit for the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series on OpenDemocracy.

I concluded that

It has become a problem to identify that racism has been made play a role in how austerity is framed – as a struggle between the deserving native and the undeserving, undesirable yet desiring migrant. This conveniently ignores the detrimental effects that the mobilisation of race, and sexualised race in particular, has on achieving the societies we need, in which there is enough for all.

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On Jo Cox, fascism and racism: Interview with Indymedia

indymedia-site-header-images-topOn Monday June 20 I was interviewed by Raymond Grenfell on Indymedia on RTR FM (Perth) about the assassination of Jo Cox, the far right and racism in Britain and Australia. You can listen again here.

I tried to talk about how mainstream politics nurtures the environment in which Jo Cox was assassinated. My point about terrorism and hate crimes, however, did not come across as clearly as I would have liked. What I intended to say was that while it’s right to point out that there are double standards at play when any act of violence carried out by Muslims is immediately tagged as ‘terrorism’ and those carried out by whites is framed as a mental health issue, we should be wary of seeming to endorse anti-terrorism legislation which, for the great majority of cases is used to discriminate against and racially profile Muslims and other racialised people. A useful article by Gary Younge goes towards some of the problems I wished to articulate.

Rest in Power, Jo Cox

Picture from Another Angry Voicde

Picture from Another Angry Voice

The racism of the Brexit campaign set the scene for the murder of Jo Cox. Her brutal killing is continuous with Breivik’s Utoya massacre. Then as now the peddlers of hate, from the those who ‘bravely’ spoke of the failures of multiculturalism, to those inciting hooligans to taunt refugee children  with their 1930s style cartoons are responsible.

Breivik, like Mair, was a creation of modern Europe’s refusal to admit that race is integral to its formation, not an aberration, not a pathology. It is the logical outcome of the sustained refusal to accept the fact that Europe was not, is not and will not be a white continent but that its power structures have to change in recognition, which means engaging deeply with the legacies of race, ceding white power, and dismantling Eurocentrism.

It is on this battleground that Jo Cox died.


I Stand with Roz Ward & Houria Bouteldja

escaping-control-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fbRoz Ward, academic and co-founder of the Safe Schools Programme has been suspended from her post by La Trobe University. She called the Australian flag racist in a private Facebook post.

Welcome to academia 2016.

Of course, for many Muslim people accused of ‘terrorism’ for their social media activity, or non-privileged young people, for example those jailed for 4 years for ‘inciting disorder’ for posting on Facebook during the London ‘riots’ in 2011, or again, those such as Houria Boutledja, the French-Algerian decolonial activist whose Facebook account and that of the Parti des indigenes de la republique has been repeatedly reported for ‘abuse’ by right-wing Zionist trolls during her recent successful case against the Ligue de defence Juive for a violent attack against her are well used to having their social media monitored and used as a means for discipline and punishment.

Roz Ward is being attacked because of homophobia, transphobia and racism.

Houria Bouteldja is being attacked because of racism and fascism.

I Stand With Roz and Houria.

Revisiting Fanon: Lessons for Critical Race & Decolonial Struggles – presentation

Tonight Free University of Western Sydney is hosting a screening of Concerning Violence, the Goran Olsson film which uses archival footage of anticolonial struggles to contextualise Chapter 1 of Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth. Omar Bensaidi and I will be chairing the discussion. Here is the presentation we have prepared with the text below.

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On making refugees work for us

ImmigrantTwo recent comments summarise the problem with responding to Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s base level Powellian dog-whistling racism with pictures of successful refugees.

Somayra Ismailjee‘s Engaging with Dutton’s Rhetoric is a Slippery Slope.

Somayra Ismailjee 19 May 2016

Somayra Ismailjee 19 May 2016

And this from Rise Refugee

RISE Refugee 20 May 2016

RISE Refugee 20 May 2016

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Revisiting Fanon: Lessons for Critical Race & Decolonial Struggles

IMG_5107On Thursday May 26 the Free University of Western Sydney will be hosting a special screening of the documentary Concerning Violence by Goran Hugo Olsson. Omar Bensaidi and I will be hosting a discussion afterwards at the Bankstown Arts Centre. All Welcome.

More details here.

State Murder – Updated

This post has had to have been updated to another death of a young man – a victim of state racism leading directly to the neglect of his health and ultimately the loss of his life – on Nauru on May 11 2016. Rakib – from Bangladesh, died of multiple heart attacks at Nauru hospital, age 26.

On 29 April 2016, another young man was killed by the Australian government’s policy of mass punishment by forced, indefinite incarceration. 23 year old, Omid is added to the list of deaths, Nauru concentration camp.

Reza Berati

Reza Berati

Reza Berati, killed on 17 February 2014, Manus Island concentration camp, age 23

Hamid Kehazaei

Hamid Kehazaei

Hamid Kehazaei, died due to negligence in the Manus Island concentration camp, Brisbane, 4 September 2014, age 24.

Rest in Power.

Divestment protestors occupy Australian Council of Superannuation Investors Conference

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 14.23.07Reposting news of this very important action by Divest from Detention activists:

Text of pamphlet distributed at meeting of Australian Council of Superannuation investors annual conference, Melbourne, 10th May 2016.

This morning, 10th May 2016, the Divest from Detention network has targeted the annual conference of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) in Melbourne:

Mandatory detention cannot be risk managed: close the camps
In August 2015, in the wake of HESTA’s decision to divest from Transfield, it was reported that ACSI was “seeking more information” on the situation in the Manus and Nauru detention camps. Just in case ACSI and its member funds haven’t noticed, people are still being raped, illegally detained, tortured and are still dying on Manus and Nauru, all on the dime of some of Australia’s largest super funds. Compensation for illegal detention on Manus Island is likely to run into the millions if not billions.
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