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Women on the Line on Racial Capitalism

Ayan Shirwa from Radio 3CR‘s show Women on the Line interviewed me about racial capitalism. You can listen here

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Surviving Society

I was interviewed about my book, Why Race Still Matters, for my favourite podcast Surviving Society, by the brilliant Chantelle Lewis and Tissot Regis. You can listen to the interview here. Also, make sure you support these amazing scholars by subscribing or sponsoring them on Patreon. Surviving Society · E089…

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The weaponized anxieties of the racially illiterate

I was invited by Max Haiven to speak to him and Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou on the podcast they host, The Order of Unmanageable Risks, an occasional research podcast about the crisis of anxiety in our society today and its links to the system of capitalism presented by the Common Anxieties Research Project. The focus of the…

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Yeah Nah Pasaran interview

I was delighted to be interviewed by Andy Fleming and Cam Smith of the Yeah Nah Pasaran podcast on Naarm (Melbourne)-based Community radio 3CR. The interview covered my new book, Why Race Still Matters. We also touched on the recent furore in the securitisation studies branch of international relations regarding a response by…

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Podcast: Indigeneity, Colonialism and Institutional Racism

I was delighted to be asked by the Surviving Society Podcast to present an episode for their Spotlight Series. I asked the brilliant Dr Debbie Bargallie to have a chat about her work on institutional, racism in the Australian Public Service – out soon with Aboriginal Studies Press as Unmasking the Racial Contract :…

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Racism and the Media

I spoke to Reema Rattan at Radio 3CR about racism and the media, with a particular focus on my article, ‘Racism in Public or Public Racism‘. You can listen to the podcast here.

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