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Building Palestinian-Indigenous Solidarity with Amal Naser

For Week 6 of Politics, Power and Resistance we build upon our learning on Indigenous resistance and Deaf Palestinians, as well as Capitalism and the Coloniality of Power to discuss how Indigenous people and Palestinians in australia are building solidarity and resistance.

Indigenous people living under settler colonial rule in australia focus their struggle on self-determination, sovereignty and land back. So too, the Palestinian struggle for liberation has increasingly focused on Palestinians as Indigenous people, with affinities to other Indigenous struggles across colonised lands. As the Palestinian scholar, Jamal Nabulsi argues, ‘there is power in claiming Palestinian indigeneity’ (Nabulsi 2023). And for the Palestinian scholar, Steven Salaita (2014), recognising Palestinians as Indigenous people has increased solidarity around the world and asserts Palestine as a decolonial struggle, rather than one for national liberation only.

To discuss what is being done on the ground to further solidarity between Indigenous and Palestinian peoples in Australia, we were joined by Amal Naser. Amal Naser is a Palestinian organiser and third-generation refugee. She lives on unceded Bidjigal land. Amal will talk to us about her work with Palestinian collectives committed to community, knowledge-sharing, building solidarities and decolonisation.

Watch Amal Naser’s lecture

Essential Readings:

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Additional Readings:

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