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Coronavirus is the ultimate demonstration of the real-world impact of racism

I have published an article in The Guardian in which I discuss the ways in which the media’s treatment of racism as a topic for debate has allowed eugenics in through the back door as just another talking point on the ‘marketplace of ideas’. Unfortunately, the article contains a mistake.…

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Mark Knight’s racist cartoon & the lack of racial literacy in Australia

I was asked to write an article for The Guardian about the horrendous racist cartoon of Serena Williams drawn by Australian cartoonist Mark Knight. Unfortunately, the headline used the word ‘ignorance’ which led some people to rightly point out that the problems of racism in Australia, or elsewhere, has nothing…

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With our narrow interpretation of racism it’s too easy to deny that we are racist

I teach undergraduates at Western Sydney University, several hundreds of whom have, over the last five years, studied my unit, “The Racial State”. I chose this title to echo the seminal book of the same name by race critical scholar, David Theo Goldberg. My students have no problem identifying racism;…

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‘Bolt laws’: should it be unlawful to insult people because of their race?

I’m a bit late updating the site with this article from last week in which I argued, against Antony Loewenstein, that Section 18C of the Australian Race Discrimination Act should not be repealed as proposed by the Attorney General, George Brandis. I preempted Antony’s argument, that the 18C which protects…

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Racism is still very much with us. So why don’t we recognise it?

The latest article, by Gavan Titley and myself, part of the Guardian’s series on Racism in a Digital Age which includes articles by Gary Younge and Mehdi Hasan. Not long after he was Photoshopped picking crops in a field by Paolo Ciani, a councillor for the rightwing Italian Future and…

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