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RACE.ED event series – ‘Antisemitism and the proxification of antiracism’- 17 February 2021

UPDATE: You can now watch a recording of this event here I will be speaking online about ‘Antisemitism and the Proxification of Antiracism’, the subject of the 4th chapter of Why Race Still Matters to the University of Edinburgh Race.Ed seminar series on February 17. The political utility of antisemitism…

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Why are anticolonial academics being accused of antisemitism?

An article I wrote for the left Jewish publication, Vashti Media looking at the accusations of antisemitism against major anticolonial thinkers, Houria Bouteldja and Achille Mbembe. I conclude, For white Jews, such as myself, we must also recognise the ways in which we benefit from racial whiteness under white supremacy…

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Why Race Still Matters endorsed by decolonial activist, Houria Bouteldja

Houria Bouteldja, the spokesperson for the Parti des indigenes de la Republique, whose work has long been influential for me, and whose texts on the political instrumentalisation of antisemitism in France inform my thinking in Chapter 4 of Why Race Still Matters, wrote an endorsement of the book: Decolonial activists are troubled…

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We are not at Place de la République because…

A speech by decolonial activist, Houria Bouteldja I translated appeared on Open Democracy. Read my preamble: “On 16 February the French ‘new philosopher’ Alain Finkielkraut was verbally abused by some protestors aligned with the Gilets Jaunes (‘Yellow Vest’) movement. They called him a ‘dirty Zionist’ and told him to ‘go…

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Free Speech and Religious Freedom after Charlie Hebdo and Section 18C

I am speaking at this event at the University of Wollongong. My brief talk will be looking at racism denial as central to postracialism. My main focus will be the recent, openly Islamophobia, editorial by Charlie Hebdo, the Islamophobic and anti-Black statements by French Minister for Families Laurence Rossignol, and…

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The opposition to anti-Zionism as antisemitic philosemitism

BDS talkI was asked by Sydney Staff for BDS, a group at the University of Sydney, to join a panel on ‘Why it isn’t antisemitic to boycott Israel’ on April 14 2015. Below is the ext of my brief talk.

Hannah Arendt was lambasted for talking about the flip side of antisemitism: philosemitism.

But she understood that antisemitism in fact relies on the apparent love of Jews. Or put another way, philosemitism creates antisemitism.

Arendt was talking historically about the conditions leading up to the holocaust, but philosemitism is equally a problem today in the context of the role of Jews vis-a-vis the state of Israel.

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Alana Lentin