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Why are anticolonial academics being accused of antisemitism?

An article I wrote for the left Jewish publication, Vashti Media looking at the accusations of antisemitism against major anticolonial thinkers, Houria Bouteldja and Achille Mbembe.

I conclude,

For white Jews, such as myself, we must also recognise the ways in which we benefit from racial whiteness under white supremacy while working against antisemitism as a key part of the racist apparatus that is not detachable from other racisms. As Houria Bouteldja writes: “When I stop seeing myself as innocent, it is me who is saved.” Claiming our non-innocence does not cancel out the wrong that has been and continues to be done to us. Understanding this is essential for Jewish anticolonialists seeking to define antisemitism on our own terms.

Read the full article here.

Too read the article in French translation, please visit QG Decolonial.

Alana Lentin