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Researcher of the Year 2020

I was touched to have been awarded the School of Humanities and Communication Arts Researcher of the Year award 2020 at my institution, Western Sydney University. The prize was awarded for the paper, ‘Looking As White: anti-racism apps, appearance and racialized embodiment’, published in the journal Identities, and soon in a volume edited by Nasar Meer, on Whiteness and Nationalism with Routledge.

The article is currently free to download from the Identities website.

The awarding committee made the following comment about my work:

The committee felt that Alana made a substantial contribution to the knowledge base with her original work in bringing together critical theorisations of the term “whiteness”, including psychoanalytical work in analyses of race and colonialism, with analyses of mobile phone app technologies directed towards education and/or disruption of racism. This kind of investigation stands in contrast to previous research that has emphasised the technical specifications of such apps, rather than conceptualising them in more intersectional terms. Alana’s article has demonstrated significant impact and scholarly reach.

Alana Lentin