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The Limitations of ‘White Privilege’ with Khadijah Diskin

I was delighted that PhD researcher, Black Studies scholar and all round legend, Khadijah Diskin agreed to do a short interview with me about the The Limitations of ‘White Privilege’ Khadijah has previously written about this topic and so I was eager to ask her to share her critique with…

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Is White Privilege a Useful Term?

In class I’ve been asked why people say white people have privilege. So, let’s talk about it. Here’s my TikTok video and the script below: @racialliteracysolidarity ♬ original sound – RacialLiteracySolidarity The concept seems to have come from Peggy McIntosh’s 1989 essay, ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack’. Peggy McIntosh’s list…

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Understanding Race 2021

The Masters of Research course I run at Western Sydney University is back, beginning on July 23. As usual if you want to come along (face-to-face only) or are along with us, you are welcome. Usually, the course has a special theme. In 2019 that was ‘racial capitalism’. This year…

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Researcher of the Year 2020

I was touched to have been awarded the School of Humanities and Communication Arts Researcher of the Year award 2020 at my institution, Western Sydney University. The prize was awarded for the paper, ‘Looking As White: anti-racism apps, appearance and racialized embodiment’, published in the journal Identities, and soon in…

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White supremacy, white innocence and inequality in Australia

I gave this talk a year ago, just after so-called ‘Harmony Day’. Thinking about white supremacy and white crisis’today so I thought I’d post it here in case of it’s of any use. My 8-year old daughter was getting ready for ‘Harmony Day’ the other day, laying out her Indian…

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‘Wrong to be White’?

I was invited to speak about ‘not racism’ and the irredeemable nature of whiteness on the ABC Radio National show, The Minefield. You can listen to the podcast here.

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Not Racism: White crisis and the postracial denial of race

This is the audio of a talk I gave on June 23 at the conference, ‘Race-conscious and colorblind framings: converging and diverging trends in Europe and the Americas’, organized by the CERI and the INED at Sciences Po in Paris by Patrick Simon and Sarah Mazouz.

In it, I talk about how the need to define what is and what is not racism is evidence of a postracial ‘white crisis’.

Listen here

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