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We are not at Place de la République because…

A speech by decolonial activist, Houria Bouteldja I translated appeared on Open Democracy. Read my preamble: “On 16 February the French ‘new philosopher’ Alain Finkielkraut was verbally abused by some protestors aligned with the Gilets Jaunes (‘Yellow Vest’) movement. They called him a ‘dirty Zionist’ and told him to ‘go…

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Race & Culture

The link between race and culture, or rather the racialization of culture, and the political manipulation of this situation is central to our understanding of how race works. In our in-class discussions, we have already noticed that we have difficulty speaking about race without speaking about culture and our sense…

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Not Racism: White crisis and the postracial denial of race

This is the audio of a talk I gave on June 23 at the conference, ‘Race-conscious and colorblind framings: converging and diverging trends in Europe and the Americas’, organized by the CERI and the INED at Sciences Po in Paris by Patrick Simon and Sarah Mazouz.

In it, I talk about how the need to define what is and what is not racism is evidence of a postracial ‘white crisis’.

Listen here

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Alana Lentin