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Talking about race and decolonisation with a genocide going on

I was asked to speak at the Structural Inequalities in the Clinical Neurosciences Course Conference, St George’s University of London on 3 November 2023. Here are my remarks. I would like to thank Jeremy Isaacs, Catherine Doogan and the team of the MSc in Clinical Neuroscience Practice for inviting me to…

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Against Representation

I reviewed How To Lose Friends and Influence White People, a book being marketed as an antiracist manual, by Media Diversity Australia founder, Antoinette Lattouf. There is a concerning trend of so-called trade books referencing the brutal state murder of George Floyd as a vehicle for discussing issues of diversity…

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Race, the floating signifier

Today we had a good discussion about Stuart Hall’s 1997 lecture, ‘Race, the Floating Signifier’ and the accompanying text reproduced in The Fateful Triangle, ‘Race, the Sliding Signifier’. We built on work done over the previous two weeks on W.E.B. Du Bois’ essay ‘The Concept of Race’ and Hall’s engagement…

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Is Racism a Pandemic?

I’ve tried to use TikTok. It is full-on the hardest thing ever to get right, so I am not sure how many videos I will actually end up producing! However, as a conversation started for Week 1 of The Racial State, I have produced a TiTok on the question of…

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Concepts and Debates 2: Race and the Human

This week in the seminar we will continue to discuss issues of social construction and how to define race by engaging with Stuart Hall’s lecture, Race the floating signifier. The following is a more general concept note on the relationship between race and the human, which is also evoked in the following portion of Hall’s lecture, in which…

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Revisiting Fanon: Lessons for Critical Race & Decolonial Struggles – presentation

Tonight Free University of Western Sydney is hosting a screening of Concerning Violence, the Goran Olsson film which uses archival footage of anticolonial struggles to contextualise Chapter 1 of Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth. Omar Bensaidi and I will be chairing the discussion. Here is the presentation we have prepared with the text below.

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Revisiting Fanon: Lessons for Critical Race & Decolonial Struggles

On Thursday May 26 the Free University of Western Sydney will be hosting a special screening of the documentary Concerning Violence by Goran Hugo Olsson. Omar Bensaidi and I will be hosting a discussion afterwards at the Bankstown Arts Centre. All Welcome. More details here.

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Alana Lentin