Post-race, post-reparations

reparationsNaomi Klein has written a damning account of Obama’s complicity in killing off the movement for reparations for slavery. By announcing that the US would not be represented at the UN’s anti-racism conference, ‘Durban II’, ostensibly because it is anti-Israel, he has effectively declared to black people that he will not stand up for them.

As Klein notes in conclusion, the right in the US has already decided that Obama is a ‘reverse racist’ that wants to use public finance to redirect funds directly to minorities and away from whites. Nothing could be further from the truth, but,

No matter how race-neutral Obama tries to be, his actions will be viewed by a large part of the country through the lens of its racial obsessions. So, since even his most modest, Band-Aid measures are going to be greeted as if he is waging a full-on race war, Obama has little to lose by using this brief political window actually to heal a few of the country’s racial wounds.

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  • kill whyte

    October 15, 2010

    i dig where your head is at….for a sista..your very wise…

    I am not surprised at the obama denoucing reperations from blacks in the western hemispere. if blacks arent awake now at the genocide game agianst us. we might as well tatoo r.i.p. on our ass cheeks . I have my own personal adgenda of returning back to africa , & help her rebuild. But as long as you keep fighting. Im down with ya….

    e-mail me anytime…
    black power !!!

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