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Not Racism™, the Voice Referendum and white progressive anxiety

The lead-up to the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to parliament is replete with text-book case after text-book case of what I have called ‘Not Racism™’. Not Racism is something anyone who has faced racism knows about. In an article I published in 2017 on the subject, the title the editors…

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Against Representation

I reviewed How To Lose Friends and Influence White People, a book being marketed as an antiracist manual, by Media Diversity Australia founder, Antoinette Lattouf. There is a concerning trend of so-called trade books referencing the brutal state murder of George Floyd as a vehicle for discussing issues of diversity…

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Racism and the Media

I spoke to Reema Rattan at Radio 3CR about racism and the media, with a particular focus on my article, ‘Racism in Public or Public Racism‘. You can listen to the podcast here.

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Racism is still very much with us. So why don’t we recognise it?

The latest article, by Gavan Titley and myself, part of the Guardian’s series on Racism in a Digital Age which includes articles by Gary Younge and Mehdi Hasan. Not long after he was Photoshopped picking crops in a field by Paolo Ciani, a councillor for the rightwing Italian Future and…

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Alana Lentin