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Tag: Ethnic and Racial Studies

Breaking the racial silence: putting racial literacy to work in Australia

A new article by Debbie Bargallie, Nilmini Fernando and me has been published in Ethnic and Racial Studies based in research conducted with educators trying to work amid the silencing o trace in the Australian racial-colony and to enhance racial literacy. Abstract: Race structures the lives of Indigenous peoples and…

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Racism in Public or Public Racism

In my first article on racism and antiracism in Australia, published online first in Ethnic and Racial Studies and part of a special issue¬† on ‘Reconfiguring Antiracisms’ edited by Yin Paradies, I argue that The idea of racism as an event appears crucial to the judgment of its legitimacy. By…

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What Does Race Do?

A new article by me has appeared in Ethnic and Racial Studies as part of a Symposium in response to an article by the British sociologist of ‘race relations’, Michael Banton. My article argues that we should understand race in terms of what it does instead of what it is…

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Alana Lentin