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Category: Why Race Still Matters

Coronavirus is the ultimate demonstration of the real-world impact of racism

I have published an article in The Guardian in which I discuss the ways in which the media’s treatment of racism as a topic for debate has allowed eugenics in through the back door as just another talking point on the ‘marketplace of ideas’. Unfortunately, the article contains a mistake.…

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The Dangers of Refusing to See Race: ‘Not Racism’ in the times of Covid-19

In this video, I discuss how decades of refusing to have a serious public discussion about race, grounded in the lived-experience of people targeted by the operations of racial rule, and instead turning racism into a matter of debate, has dangerous implications for racism in the times of the Coronavirus…

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Why Race Still Matters endorsed by Prof Robbie Shilliam

Robbie Shilliam is Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. His endorsement of Why Race Still Matters means a lot to me because he is one of the intellectuals writing on race who has bridged the European, the US and the Pacific experience in his writing, modelling a truly…

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Why Race Still Matters endorsed by decolonial activist, Houria Bouteldja

Houria Bouteldja, the spokesperson for the Parti des indigenes de la Republique, whose work has long been influential for me, and whose texts on the political¬†instrumentalisation¬†of antisemitism in France inform my thinking in Chapter 4 of Why Race Still Matters, wrote an endorsement of the book: Decolonial activists are troubled…

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Alana Lentin