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Beyond culture vs. structure: The networks, habits and resistances of our digital times

TikTok might seem a million kilometres away from the world of social theory. But in this lecture, I use this example as a way to address the question, what is the relationship between social structure and culture?  Download the Hand-Out References and Further Reading Back, Les, ed. 2012. Cultural Sociology: An Introduction.…

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Race and Resistance Syllabus

This is a provisional syllabus for my undergraduate course at The New School, Spring 2017.

Overview of substantive topics

Part I: Roots
⊗    Situating race
⊗    What is race?
⊗    Race and experience
⊗    Race and state
⊗    Race and Europeanness
⊗    Race, settler colonialism, and Indigenous resistance
⊗    Slavery
⊗    Whiteness
⊗    Race, gender and sexuality

Part II: Continuities
⊗    Antiblackness
⊗    Race, criminalisation and incarceration
⊗    The return of antisemitism?
⊗    Islamophobia, securitisation and ‘the war on terror’
⊗    Borders and migrations

Part III: Urgencies
⊗    Are we postrace yet?
⊗    Re-emerging fascisms
⊗    Race, digital technologies and social media.

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Teaching in the Sun

Race, gender and sexuality at Bebel Platz
Race, gender and sexuality at Bebel Platz

The first teaching day of my Erasmus Visit to the Transdisciplinary Gender Studies Institute at the Humboldt University in Berlin got off to a good start yesterday. The first session was held at Bebel Platz, opposite the main building of the University on the famous Unter den Linden. We met the students and picked up a megaphone and went to the Platz where we settled on the steps of the Church. Amused tourists passed by, literally walking over the students to get into the church. The point of all this?

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Alana Lentin