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My new mailing list

As many people are experiencing, Twitter is becoming an unsafe and unproductive space especially since the take over by Elon Musk. As someone whose work has taken her far from her original networks, it has been an important space of education and solidarity building for me. However, it has become less and less so, and increasingly Twitter is used to surveil me, bringing me in confrontation with direct violence. I am lucky to be in touch with many wonderful people through a variety of means, but I still want to the opportunity Twitter afforded me to share news of events, publications, resources etc. as I have been told that many people benefit from them.

So, I am setting up a mailing list as I wind down Twitter. If you would like to sign up for infrequent updates, please add your name via this Google form. With thanks!

Read my first newsletter here.

Alana Lentin