Thinking about Police Violence

Mariame Kaba has some amazing resources on her blog, Prison Culture including the #FergusonSyllabus: Talking and Teaching about police violence. I have adapted one of her techniques, the ‘6 word story’ exercise for us on Week 10 of The Racial State during which we will be talking about police and prisons.

Kaba encourages us to watch and discuss a video ‘The Hunted and the Hated’, one man’s story of being continually stopped and frisked by the NYPD.

After that, we each write a 6 word story about police violence. Kaba gives some examples:

Walked outside. Did nothing. Cop Harassed. [by Mariame] 

Cops said my bruises would fade. [by Mariame] 

Finally, we will think about similarities and differences between the US and Australia in relation to racialised police violence. This report about a police stop of an Indigenous teen in Surry Hills is an example of police violence here.

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