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Talking CRT Moral Panics on Radio 3CR

I was invited to talk on the Radio 3CR Thursday Breakfast Show by Priya Kunjan on June 24. You can listen here to what I had to say about what Critical Race Theory is and is not, why those attacking it have no idea, and neither do they care, what it is, and why it is problematic to defend CRT by reassuring the public that it is not in fact taught in schools!

I signposted the article by Dr Debbie Bargallie and me about what the political attacks on CRT in Australia, by Senator Amanda Stoker and now leader of the fascist One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson, leading to the Senate passing a motion ‘rejecting’ CRT, mean. I also signalled the problems in seeking out cultural diversity as a panacea to racism. I ended by explaining the lack of institutional support for race research in Australia.

Alana Lentin