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Understanding Race 2021

The Masters of Research course I run at Western Sydney University is back, beginning on July 23. As usual if you want to come along (face-to-face only) or are along with us, you are welcome.

Usually, the course has a special theme. In 2019 that was ‘racial capitalism’. This year I have tried to devise a more generic syllabus that covers a range of topics. The overriding theme, however, is the connection between race, coloniality, indigeneity and capitalism. As usual the scope it too ambitious so may be liable to change. The important thing (for me as much as for everyone else) is to approach our reading ‘without guarantees’, to paraphrase Stuart Hall. In other words, we will not get to ‘the end’ of the matter, but we will start to ask (the right) questions!

Content including blogposts, lectures, etc. will be posted on this site.

Most, if not all readings, are available via Google Drive. You can request access to the drive and I will grant it.

I have also made a Padlet with a range of additional content and will add to it as we go!

Follow the #UnderstandingRace twitter hashtag for more.

Alana Lentin