Sydney Review of Books

Andrew Brooks has reviewed Why Race Still Matters for the Sydney Review of Books. I am very grateful for the care he took to relate to the book through a wide engagement with the politics of race in colonial Australia and what it means for his own activism and teaching.

Lentin’s objective in Why Race Still Matters is to provide analytic tools that foster anti-racist struggles and encourage coalitional politics. She insists that race still matters because race is still a structure of domination that produces misery and inequality. She tells us that race still matters because racists still exist. And she articulates the value of an epistemology that foregrounds the standpoint of those who experience racism without slipping uncritically into a performance of deference that fragments collectivity. Why Race Still Matters is a vital book for those who wish to understand race, and more importantly, desire to make it matter less.

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Alana Lentin