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Why Race Still Matters book review in The Sociological Review

I was delighted to receive this insightful book review by Siobhan O’Neill in The Sociological Review. O’Neill writes,

In Why Race Still Matters Lentin offers a wide-ranging, powerful and timely account of what race is, what is does, and why it still matters in our supposedly ‘post-racial’ times. She covers a great deal of ground related to race, racism and racialisation in an eloquent and accessible way. It is a necessary and comprehensive book for undergraduates, graduates and scholars wanting to get to grips with critical race themes and thinkers. It is also valuable to a popular audience for whom the book would provide a thorough entry point into thinking more deeply about race and racism and a resource from which to cultivate racial literacy.

Siobhan O’Neill, The Sociological Review, 3 December 2020

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Alana Lentin