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Yeah Nah Pasaran interview

I was delighted to be interviewed by Andy Fleming and Cam Smith of the Yeah Nah Pasaran podcast on Naarm (Melbourne)-based Community radio 3CR. The interview covered my new book, Why Race Still MattersWe also touched on the recent furore in the securitisation studies branch of international relations regarding a response by two of its founders to a paper written by two scholars, Alison Howell and Melanie Richter-Montpetit in the journal, Security Dialogue, titled, ‘Is securitization theory racist? Civilizationism, methodological whiteness, and antiblack thought in the Copenhagen School’. My brief take on the subject is that, from the perspective of race studies it is completely obvious that a field like securitisation would be replete with epistemic racism, and that there is no way in which you can activate an antiracist consciousness from within such a field. However, I would recommend listening to others wiser than me including Robbie Shilliam whose work has been so central in critiquing the racial logics underpinning IR. The interview also dealt with my recent comment on race and the Coronavirus which I wrote about in The Guardian and covered in this video.

Listen to the interview here.

Alana Lentin