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Introducing Understanding Race

Understanding Race is a new Masters of Research Spring Semester Unit taught by Associate Professor Alana Lentin at Western Sydney University. The Unit runs every Monday 12-3 pm at Parramatta South Campus beginning on July 30, 2018.

What is race? What is racism? How are they related? Why do they continue to shape social, political and economic relations well after the biological concept of race was disproven? What are the links between race and colonialism and in Australia particularly, the invasion and settlement of Aboriginal land? How is race related to property? How do ideas of race become embedded in state institutions and why do they continue to shape disadvantage and inequality? Though race develops differently in different contexts, it is best thought about through relational readings that draw out both the differences but also the similarities between places and times. This unit will draw on race critical and decolonial texts to focus on race as a modern idea that is shaped in the contexts of colonialism, slavery, and persists in post-immigration multicultural societies.

If you want to follow along, please feel free to access the Google drive of course readings

Alana Lentin