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I Stand with Roz Ward & Houria Bouteldja

escaping-control-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fbRoz Ward, academic and co-founder of the Safe Schools Programme has been suspended from her post by La Trobe University. She called the Australian flag racist in a private Facebook post.

Welcome to academia 2016.

Of course, for many Muslim people accused of ‘terrorism’ for their social media activity, or non-privileged young people, for example those jailed for 4 years for ‘inciting disorder’ for posting on Facebook during the London ‘riots’ in 2011, or again, those such as Houria Boutledja, the French-Algerian decolonial activist whose Facebook account and that of the Parti des indigenes de la republique has been repeatedly reported for ‘abuse’ by right-wing Zionist trolls during her recent successful case against the Ligue de defence Juive for a violent attack against her are well used to having their social media monitored and used as a means for discipline and punishment.

Roz Ward is being attacked because of homophobia, transphobia and racism.

Houria Bouteldja is being attacked because of racism and fascism.

I Stand With Roz and Houria.

Alana Lentin