Peter Tatchell: Not so pro-Palestine after all

For those who have followed the appalling censorship of queer or colour scholars by the human rights activist, Peter Tatchell on this blog over recent years, you may be interested in the latest revelations by Scott Long who reveals how Peter Tatchell egged a Zionist campaigner, Hillel Neuer on to sue him. Peter Tatcehll claims publicly to be pro-Palestine yet backs pro-Zionists over Palestinian activists and their supporters. Having hard him speak about Islam and Muslims (for example in the video above), it is clear why.

Read Scott Long’s piece here

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  • Peter Tatchell

    August 27, 2013

    Contrary to Scott Long’s claims:

    I have had no contact or association with UN Watch or Hillel Neuer – and have given them no support or publicity.

    I have never “embraced” Likud or any other Israeli political party.

    I have never said a word against Mona Seif.

    I was emailed by an unknown individual who urged me to sue Scott Long. I declined to do so, and put the ball back in his court. If Hillel has a legitimate legal case, why are his friends coming to me and asking me to act? Why doesn’t Hillel sue? I was putting the onus back on them. I was not supporting Scott being sued by Hillel.

    I made no judgement about whether Hillel has a legitimate grievance against Scott. I don’t know the facts.

    I have never sued anyone for libel.

    I am long-time (since 1983) public supporter of reforming the UK’s draconian libel laws. If a person makes false and damaging allegations, that’s wrong and should be unlawful.

    A person should have a right to sue for malicious, untrue claims about them. For example, false allegations of murder, tax fraud and rape – or false accusations of being a racist, homophobe or anti-Muslim etc.

    Apart from these kind of cases, most of the libel laws should be repealed (especially the current permitted abuse of gagging orders and injunctions).

    My position is the same as the general liberal and left stance on UK libel law and its reform.

    As anyone who knows me or goes to my website will know that I am part of the campaign against the far right EDL and BNP.

    I hope this clarifies. Best wishes.

    Solidarity! Peter

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