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Cameron’s immigration hierarchy: Indians good, eastern Europeans bad

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

I would have headed this ‘rich Indians’ good, because of course the point is not that all Indians will suddenly be welcomed to Britain with open arms, but I don’t get to decide about the headlines!

In The End of Tolerance, Arun Kundnani argues that the ability to integrate in today’s Britain is based less on how you look and more on whether or not you are deemed culturally compatible. This may seem like progress but the sliding scale along which humanity is now organised is not unlike the racial hierarchies of old; it’s just less colour-coded. So, an English-educated Indian professional may be more acceptable than a white, jobless Bulgarian or Romanian. This is exactly on point as we witness David Cameron’s rush to India, a country whose economic rise he described as “one of the great phenomena of the century”. Read more on The Guardian website

Alana Lentin