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Why is Britain sending Luqman Onikosi back to die in Nigeria?

Luqman Onikosi

An article published in The Guardian on January 25, 2012. Please read, share and sign the petition to help keep Luqman Onikosi in the UK. Trigger warning: the comments after this article are particularly harsh for the main part. Please do not read them if you are affected by any of the issues concerned.

Theresa May’s decision to deport a seriously ill Nigerian man after university puts Britain’s ethics to the test.

In early 2008, a very energetic young man bounded into my office in the sociology department of Sussex University. Words tumbling from his mouth faster than he could say them, he hovered above the seat on which students generally sat, a glint of excitement in his eyes. Extremely courteous – almost deferent – he introduced himself as Luqman Onikosi, a first-year student from Nigeria… Read more on the Guardian website

Alana Lentin