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OK, so you know I really never blog about anything that isn’t about my work, but tonight I am appealing to you to watch the above teaser for the film, Sunrise that my partner, the very brilliant and talented (I would say that, wouldn’t I?), partner, Partho Sen Gupta is making. The film is a feature fiction set in Mumbai on the taboo subject of child trafficking in India. It stars Adil Hussain (who just finished shooting Life of Pi with Ang Lee and Tannishtha Chatterjee (Brick Lane).

We have been busy crowdfunding the film. Crowdfunding is a system where you – the general public – fund a project and bring it to fruition. In the case of films, it cuts out the need for middle men who get rich quick on the labour of hard up artists. We have done well so far, raising over $5,600 in 2 weeks. But we still need to raise another $30,000 to be able to shoot the film. Every contribution, starting at as little as $10 earns a perk, with the highest contributors becoming the film’s executive producers and accompanying it to any international film festivals at which it is selected.

I urge you to contribute, show your commitment to independent cinema, to the important topic of child trafficking against which there is not even a law in India, and to make me happy!

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Alana Lentin