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I’m Back!

Sorry for the silence on this site due to the birth of my daughter Noam on 27 November 2009. After a heady 4 months I am back to work.

From April to July 2010, I am on study leave from Sussex and shall be a visiting fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin. If you are in Germany, please check back here soon for details of seminars and conferences I will be giving during this time in both Berlin and Bremen. I shall also be giving a seminar on 5 May 2010 at 17h00 in Paris in the seminar ‘La racialisation en question: Constructions nationales et circulations transnationales’ organised by Didier Fassin, Eric Fassin and Pap Ndiaye at the Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales.

During my stay in Berlin, I shall be working on a book entitled The Crises of Multiculture? which I am co-writing with Gavan Titley for Zed Books. More details of the book can soon be found on the multiculturality website.

Alana Lentin