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I Stand with Roz Ward & Houria Bouteldja

escaping-control-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fbRoz Ward, academic and co-founder of the Safe Schools Programme has been suspended from her post by La Trobe University. She called the Australian flag racist in a private Facebook post.

Welcome to academia 2016.

Of course, for many Muslim people accused of ‘terrorism’ for their social media activity, or non-privileged young people, for example those jailed for 4 years for ‘inciting disorder’ for posting on Facebook during the London ‘riots’ in 2011, or again, those such as Houria Boutledja, the French-Algerian decolonial activist whose Facebook account and that of the Parti des indigenes de la republique has been repeatedly reported for ‘abuse’ by right-wing Zionist trolls during her recent successful case against the Ligue de defence Juive for a violent attack against her are well used to having their social media monitored and used as a means for discipline and punishment.

Roz Ward is being attacked because of homophobia, transphobia and racism.

Houria Bouteldja is being attacked because of racism and fascism.

I Stand With Roz and Houria.

Racist EDL Behind East End Gay Pride Event

muslim_gay_300x225First, as I wrote a short time back, Johann Hari writes his vitriolic article inciting anti-Muslim racism by effectively labelling all Muslim people homophobic. Then it emerged that an event calling itself the East End Gay Pride was being organised in the East End of London to mobilise against homophobic stickers that had appeared around the neighbourhood. Organisations such as Imaan and the Safra Project, set up to combat homophobia in the Muslim community had suspected since the beginning that the event was being organised by members of the racist English Defence League. Now proof that that is the case has emerged thanks to work done by Imaan which can be read here. In particular, Imaan found that the organiser of the East End Gay Pride event, Raymond Berry, had had his membership of the Rail and Maritime Trades Union revoked for being a vocal member of the EDL.

Imaan is calling for a “truly inclusive community-led Pride March” to take place as the best response to these revelations and the EDL’s attempt to foment hatred for Muslims among the East End gay community. The Safra Project calls for the event to be cancelled.

The Safra Project has opened a page for comments and messages of solidarity.