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From post-racialism to racial consciousness

An interesting aid for teaching the problems of racelesness, post-racialism and colour-blindness to students. I will be using this in my first lecture for undergraduates who will doubtless be asking whether racism isn’t a thing of the past with the election of Obama. Although this is clearly a bigger issue in the US, the Obama election has had an enormous effect on the consideration of racism in the West more generally. Although we obviously cannout simply adapt US realities to different national contexts, the issue of post-race is as alive and well in Europe as it is in North America, the difference is only that it is not discussed in those terms because race in the post-war era was not considered central to what it means to be European.

Basta burkini e kebab

swimmingTwo stories out of Italy where mounting racism has become a signature of the right-wing coalition of Silvio Berlusconi, the right-wing separatist Lega nord, and the neo-fascist Alleanza Nazionale. Following the persecution of the Roma and the daily indignities suffered by immigrants held in detention centres or exploited by the black economy, come the efforts to ‘de-foreignise’ Italy’s public places. Continue reading

The Racial profiling of SRK

Shah Rukh Khan, the cheesiest but most loved Bollywood actor was detained at Newark Airport because of his name on August 15th: Indian Independence Day. Ironically, he was in the US to promote his new movie, My Name is Khan, which is about racial profiling!

Wajahat Ali points out,

the extent to which racial profiling and exaggerated security screening take place in the US for its darker and more “ethnic” citizens with “Muslim” surnames. US officials repeatedly deny these examinations are based on race or religion despite the overwhelming statistics that suggest otherwise.

Read the rest of his article here.

At the racial crossroads

Sometimes it’s funny how you come across something that tallies completely with what you are thinking/writing at the moment. This video speak to the paper I am writing now on ‘Post-race, post-politics: the paradoxical rise of culture after multiculturalism’. Excerpts to come and comments welcome on the writing in progress. For now. enjoy the video… More at

The Demographic Winter

Proponents of the notion that European populations are falling in to decline because of the increased birth rate among the ‘wrong type’ of people are gaining influence. There is a close link to be observed between these types of arguments and those of populist writers such as Christopher Caldwell who, in Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, links culturalist arguments about the danger posed by Islam to Europe to demographic ideas, seemingly inspired by Gobineau, about the ‘bastardization’ of the European race. More on my approach to the return of biological racism can be found in Chapter 4 of Racism.